Founding a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A foreign natural or legal person can found a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We take care of the complete procedure of founding a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To found d.o.o. (Ltd) in Bosnia and Herzegovina we need:

  • A company name, shortened name and data on the company headquarters
  • data about the owner/s,
    • natural person: name/s and surname/s, place of residence
    • legal person: a certified copy of the excerpt of the company from the Register of Companies, not older than 1 month
  • data about the representative/s: name and surname, place of residence,
  • the activities that the company will register,
  • initial founding capital (2,000.00 KM)
  • division of share (in case of company with two or more co-owners)

We can also organize the bookkeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We also organize rental office.

Establishment company in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be regulated in a very short time.


  • A business partner with an 22 year tradition in the field of founding companies and business consulting for Slovene and international clients
  • Business information and services in one spot
  • Complete transparency of procedures and costs
  • Personal service – adapting to your needs
  • A quick realization of the procedure of founding a d. o. o. (Ltd) in accordance with the legislature of the particular state (in the shortest possible time) – saving you time and money
  • A quicker start of your company – d. o. o. (Ltd)
  • Verified, high-quality experts – accountants, legal and tax experts in particular states
  • Necessary information for the begin of the company’s operating activities in the particular state:
    • calculation of the starting costs of he newly founded company
    • possibility of renting headquarters/business address and anticipated costs
    • anticipated costs of the bookkeeping
    • sales tax in particular states, VAT rate
  • Simplified administrative and official procedures of founding a company in a particular country (in accordance with the legislature)
  • Professional assistance with the acquisition of permits for the start of operating activities that are necessary in a particular state